Daughter-in-law accused of locking elderly mother-in-law in her room

EHM (West Bengal) : Police rescued an old widow who had been living locked up in her house for the last ten days, in Jamuria, West Bengal. Police said, the widow was forcefully locked up in her room by her daughter-in-law Aparna Bhattacharya. Aparna did this inhuman job before leaving the town for attending the Puja festival. Aparna Bhattacharya is charged with cruelty to an elderly person.

The old woman, Anandamoyee Bhattacharya was found malnourished, starved and living in unhygienic conditions. She was immediately sent to the Akhanpur Health Center as her physical condition was very serious. Her mental condition was also unstable.

Anandamoyee lost her dentist husband many years ago. Their only son Rajesh also died two years ago due to physical illness. At present she and her daughter-in-law Aparna Bhattacharya live in the same house, but their relation was not good. The matter came to light when a neighbor heard a scream from a house nearby.  He went there and peeped into the room, discovered Anandamoyee lying on the floor. He immediately reported the matter to the local police station. Police rescued the old woman



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