Saving the passengers of Batik Air flight, an Air Traffic Controller of Indonesia sacrificed his life

  • airtraffic2909.jpg


Jakarta (Indonesia) : An Indonesian air traffic controller died in earthquake after staying to ensure a plane, carrying hundreds of passengers took off safely. He is Anthonius Gunawan Agung (21), hailed as a hero of Indonesia. He was on duty at Palu airport on the island of Sulawesi on Friday night, when it was struck by two earthquakes causing huge waves to batter the coastline.
His colleagues were running for their lives and the tremors growing in strength. They evacuated the building for safety. But, Agung stayed behind to ensure that a Batik Air flight had taken off safely. He bravely remained in his control tower until the flight was safely in the air.
But the crumbling tower was collapsing around him, and he was forced to jump from a fourth floor window. He was rushed to hospital with internal injuries and a broken leg. He died before a helicopter could take him to another hospital for special care.


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