Mother locked herself and her little daughter for six months in their home


From Our Correspondent, Birbhum, India
Chameli Roy, a 55 years old mother, locked herself and her 10 years’ old daughter for last six months in her house. She did not allow her little daughter to go outside and meeting others. For that reason she did not admit her daughter Shirsha to school. Locals surprised to discover the strange behavior of a literate mother.
Chameli Roy, a resident of Mahammadbazar Patel Nagar, had been working as a staff nurse for years in a local hospital, but six months ago, she suddenly stopped working and locked herself in her residence. The electric supply was disconnected a month ago as she could not pay the previous bills. When the locals discovered this strange behavior of the woman, they contacted the hospital authority. Dr. Suraiya, a staff doctor of the hospital, along with the local residents went to meet her the previous day and tried to convince her to admit her daughter to school for her better future. Today they again visited her to admit her daughter to school. But the house was under lock and key. They called her to open the door. But getting no response, the local people broke the lock with the help of the civic police and rescued both mother and daughter. When the reporters asked Chameli about her strange behavior, she gave no answer. Chameli’s daughter Sirsha said that she wanted to study, but her mother was ill .
Locals asked Chameli about her strange behavior, but got no reply from her. Finally they were both sent to the Home.


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