Two Faces of Indian Railway Department: One is Inhuman and the other is Human


Atanu Dutta

Indian Railway passengers and common people witnessed two faces of Rail Authority on two different incidents, one is Inhuman and the other is Human. The first incident occurred on Murari Rail Station Platform, Birbhum, West Bengal and the 2 nd incident occurred on Purulia Rail Station Platform, West Bengal
Thousand passengers and locals witnessed the inhuman face of Railway authority when a new born baby witnessed the first sun light of his one hour life. A 35-year-old pregnant woman gave birth to a male baby under the foot-over bridge of Murari railway station. The station authority was informed, but neither officials nor Railway police stretched their human hands to take care of the new-born baby or her mother. Even, they did not inform the local hospital. Both the mother and her new born baby had been left on the platform for 2 hours without any treatment or proper medical support. Railway passengers approached the station authority, but they didn’t care.
Then the passengers notified the local business men, after which the woman and her baby were sent to the local rural hospital. Locals said the mother Madhuri was a homeless woman. Years ago she somehow got down here and never back. Madhuri has been living here under the footbridge from that day. It was her sweet home and that sweet home finally witnessed a new baby, as well as Madhuri and thousand passengers witnessed the inhuman face of the station authority.
A swift response of a RPF Constable saved a passenger from the face of death on the Purulia railway station after he slipped while trying to get down a moving train. The total rescue operation was caught on the Railway CCTV Camera. This horrifying incident occurred at Purulia Rail station under Asansol Rail Division this day at 11 am.
Rail Police said, Shashanka Shehar Bishthu, a resident of Neamatpur, Asansol, boarded the passenger train from Jamshedpur station. His destination was Asansole. It was 11 am. The passenger train was drawing into the platform No 2, Purulia Rail station. At that time, Shashanka tried to get down from the running train and somehow slipped and fell between the platform and the train from the footboard. The deadly incident was caught by a Railway police. In a heart stopping move he jumped on the man and removed the man from falling on the track to save his life. The passengers congratulated Ramesh Chandra Das, the RPF Constable for his swift decision and his dedication to his service.


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