Two 12 year girls raped in Pune : One of the victims died

Pune (India) : According to the police, two minor girls, both around 12 years, were allegedly raped by a man and a 17-year-old boy in Pune on Sunday. One of them died of injuries later. The two girls went to visit to a temple near their home on Sunday afternoon. The accused persons were from the same locality where the two girls reside.

Police said, the accused lured the minors by offering them chocolates. Then they took them to an isolated area and and raped them brutally. The accused threatened the girls not to disclose anything.
The victims did not inform about the incident to their parents. When one of the girls complained of pain following which her parents admitted her to a hospital, where doctors found out that she was traumatized. The doctors then informed the police, who approached the girl’s family in the hospital on Tuesday.  They tried to talk to her, but her condition was serious.
Her family members told police that one more girl from their neighborhood was with her on Sunday. Pole said, “When we approached the other girl, she narrated the entire incident.”

The police have arrested Nikam and detained the boy accused in the case, the official said.


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