Time could not fade up the color of ‘Umbrella Raising’ festival of Purulia


Photo Courtsey : allevents.in

EHM News, purulia (India) : Time could not fade up the color of ‘Umbrella Raising’ festival of Balarampur, Purulia which was first organized by a Royal family of Panchokot, Purulia. The king and its kingdom had lost its previous glamour. But the people of Balarampur could not let the Royal festival die. Festival is a part and parcel of Purulia people, so they have been celebrating this colorful festival for years on the day of mid September (last day of the Bengali month of Bhadra according to Bengali calendar) following the Royal custom.
History says, king of Panchokot started this festival to please Lord Indra (The Hindu god of cloud, storm and thunder) and welcome the golden harvest in the fall.
From that very day, the heirs of Panchokot Royal family and his subjects have been celebrating this fest. In the evening of that day, Harihor Singh Sardar, the heir of the Royal family raised a white umbrella to please the god of heaven. And the festival started with all its color and grandeur. The festival brings back the memories of those Royal days that had been washed away by the tide of times for ever. Thousands of Santhals from Purulia as well as from surrounding districts attend this fest.
Songs and several types of dance including Naachni and Pata are performed throughout the night.

Video Umbrella Festival


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