A retired old teacher singlehandedly planted 50 thousand trees to fight against global warming

Atanu Dutta

As word spread about his incredible achievement, the humble, eco-conscious retired High School teacher stood as a shining example of the one person could accomplish to make the world a better and pollution free place.
The school teacher has been fighting alone against the curse of Global Warming and increasing pollution for last 55 years. He is called ‘green warrior’ and his weapons are green plants and a great mental strength to save trees. He had not got any Government aid, support or reward. But he never stopped his mission in lack of money. He had already planted more than 50 thousand trees and turned several barren lands into greenery. He had spent all his money what he earned. The result of his years of work not only transformed a barren landscape — but also the notion of what a single dedicated person was capable of to improve the world.
He also proved that a single fight can be fought against the demon of global warming. He could convince even the little students about the global warming and need of forestation.
“I love to plant fruit trees, so that the poor children can afford fruits at free of cost. I may live a very lowly life but I feel satisfied that I have been able to stir up a lot of people who love nature.” said Ujjal, an old man with a strong will power.
He is Ujjal Roy, a 67 years’ old retired teacher residing in Suri, Birbhum. Fifty five years ago he fell in love with trees and that is the turning point of his life. From that day, he started planting trees. He did not know then how forests and trees could play the major role in limiting global warming. He just read that trees gave oxygen in return of poisonous carbon dioxide. In 55 years, there was a great change in climate, but his will power never misguided. After his retirement he invested all his money in plantation.
He already covered a vast area in Biirbhum district in West Bengal. The blocks Suri 1, Suri 2, Dubrajpur, Mahammadbazar, Sainthia are a part of his green kingdom. He had covered more than 40 schools where he planted trees and convinced the young generation how to protect greenery to save the human race. The fly ash from Bakreswar Thermal Power station was a deadly problem to the people of that area. Roy protested against this kind of air and land pollution, but in vain. He wrote letters to the authorities, but no result. Then he decided to plant trees to cover the area with green umbrellas.
He started believing that trees are a link between the past and future, after his wife’s death in 2009. In 2011, he formed an NGO in the memory of his late wife Kajori. Now, ‘Kajori’ has three schools where tribal students are taught how to protect their dearest earth and to keep the human race safe alive.
“Originally, we planted trees to make money, but now it’s for the environment — to keep the climate friendly. It’s a fight of my own but thousands of my students inspired me to go ahead and I do that until I die,” said Roy.


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