Death of a farmer from the attack of his domestic buffalo

EHM : Attacks on humans by domestic animals causing fatal injuries are not uncommon in rural areas of West Bengal. But, the death of an owner by his domestic buffalo is rarely seen. This deadly and pathetic incident occurred in Purulia, West Bengal. The incident has sent shivers down the spine of local residents.
Anil Mahato, a resident of Gengara village in Purulia has been accosted by his domestic male buffalo which gored him to death.
It was Anil’s regular routine to give bath his buffalos after herding them in the field. On Monday, as usual, he went to the nearby river with his buffalos. Mahato was spraying water on both of them. Suddenly the male buffalo became violent and attacked him in the water. The villagers, who witnessed the fatal game, could not gather courage to rescue the owner. Anil tried to calm down his animal, but it was furious. The female animal did nothing, but the male buffalo charged him repeatedly and tossed him in the air. Anil was gored to death in the river. After killing Mahato, the violent buffalo chased the villagers. The villagers left the place, but later they rescued Mahato and sent him to the hospital. The doctors said Mahato was brought dead.


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